Smartgreen Bioscience is a company that develops and manufactures novel semiochemical based products for control of pests in agriculture.

The semiochemical based products include pheromone mating disruption, ‘attract and kill‘ products and bee activity enhancer.

Our products are effective, environmentally benign and overcome the risk of crop residues.

We focus on providing pest management tools with sufficient efficacy to satisfy mainstream farmers which is suitable for both conventional and organic farming systems.

Smartgreen Bioscience is an Australian subsidiary based in Warwick, Queensland. It is the Australian branch of the Chinese company Nanjing Xinan Sinogreen Biological Technology Company (Sinogreen). Sinogreen was founded by two Australians and now employs over 20 staff. 
Sinogreen’s shareholders include the company founders, WYNCA a major agrochemical manufacturer in China, and a large Asian fruit producer and marketer.

Product Range 

Smartgreen Bioscience has a range of pheromone mating disruption products for orchard pests including codling moth and Oriental fruit moth.

We also have bee enhancer that is used to enhance bee activity and fruit bearing rate and to reduce deformed fruit.

Another product using a powerful attractant/feeding stimulant which is effective for nectar feeding moths such as Helicoverpa and Spodoptera.

Discover more about our Australian products.

There are additional products on our international site including products for red palm weevil, Aromia bungii species long horn beetles, Oriental fruit fly, Mediterranean fruit fly and spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzuki). See the English version of our Chinese website:

If you have a major insect problem for which a control is needed, contact Smartgreen Bioscience. We may be able to help.

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