Smartgreen Bioscience and Sinogreen uphold the principles of ‘Safety, Economy, Efficiency’ in developing our product range.

Smartgreen Bioscience develops and manufactures novel environmentally friendly semiochemical based products for control pests of agriculture with less crop residue.

The semiochemical based products include pheromone mating disruption and ‘attract and kill‘ products targeting moth and beetle pests of pome and stone fruit and nuts, and bee enhancer is another pheromone product which is used to enhance bee activity and fruit bearing rate and reduce deformed fruits. 
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To solve Asian dominant crop pest problems in an effective, safe and economical way, we develop other products targeting Oriental fruit fly, Mediterranean fruit fly, spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzuki), Monochamus species long horn beetles and others.
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Smartgreen Bioscience has an active program of product development for a range of other insect pests. These will be added when the development and registration phase is complete. Discover more about our collaborators on our Product Development page.

Principal Scientist

Stephen Sexton is the Principal Scientist and Technical Manager of Smartgreen Bioscience and Sinogreen.

He was a pioneer in successful commercialization of pheromone mating disruption and has years of experience in developing novel technology for insect pest control.

• 1973-1981, worked in Government of Victoria and focussed on insect pathology.
• 1981, developed and commercialized oriental fruit moth (OFM) mating disruption technology in Australia and Europe counties.
• 1987-1994, developed codling moth (CM) mating disruption and commercialized it in Australia, USA, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, South Africa France and Italy.
• 2004, acquired the patent of invention for sustained-release carrier of insect pheromone.
• 2012-Now, founded the Chinese branch, Nanjing Xinan SinoGreen Biological Technology Co. Ltd, developed semiochemical control technology for drosophila, Tephritid fruit flies, moths and beetles.

Stephen was responsible for development of the Isomate brand and range of products which are now the market leaders in the  USA, Europe, South America and South Africa.

Stephen has written a number of articles on pests in the Orient. Read them here.

Stephen Sexton in the laboratory.
Stephen Sexton in the laboratory.

Stephen Sexton with Pheroklip dispensers.
Stephen Sexton with Pheroklip dispensers.