Target beneficial insect

Honeybee (Apis mellifera) and certain other bee species.


Bee pollinated tree fruit.

This is a special product for use in orchards in early spring.

Flowering in many tree fruit occurs for a short period in spring when the weather may be dull and cool, suboptimal for bee activity.

Sometimes, understory plants like clover and nearby crops and weeds are more attractive to bees than the tree fruit.  This can lead to poor fruit set and fruit deformity in crops such as pears.  

  • BEE Klipp is useful in bee pollinated crops wherever pollination is the factor limiting fruit set.
  • BEE Klipp is applied before flowering and remains effective for the entire flowering period.
  • BEE Klipp applied in the flowering canopy draws them to where they are needed and away from distracting understory weeds and crops over the fence.

Trials have shown that BEE Klipp can substantially improve fruit set per cluster in apples and pears and reduced percentage of deformed pears.

What guarantees does Smartgreen Bioscience give?

  • The active ingredient is good quality 
  • The loading is correct
  • The release from the dispensers is in the right range
  • The dispensers are made to high standard using precision injection moulding and ultrasonic sealing processes
  • The information that we give is based on years of experience and is given in good faith.
BEE Klipp is distributed in Australia exclusively by Bugs for Bugs contact ‘‘. 

MSDS BEE KLIPP (release 4.2018).pdf

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