Target pest 

Codling moth (Cydia pomonella


Apples, pears and nashi.

Pheroklip® CM is a novel pheromone mating disruption formulation for control of codling moth.

Pheroklip® CM (applied 1000 per hectare) has the same loading, release rates and field life as the competitive capillary equivalents, and operate on the same mating disruption principal.

The difference is that the Pheroklip® formulation is far easier and faster to apply than capillaries, especially when applying high in the trees where codling moth females call their mates.

What about Pheroklip CM Double?  We have a Pheroklip® CM Double on the books but we don’t want to release it for good technical reasons. We now know that Pheroklip® CM at 500 points per hectare is as effective as Pheroklip® CM double at 500 points per hectare and a good deal cheaper.  (We do not recommend using off label rates of  Pheroklip® CM but these are the facts of the matter)

What guarantees does Smartgreen Bioscience give?

  • The active ingredient is good quality with a purity equal to or slightly higher than the Japanese opposition product
  • The loading is correct
  • The release from the dispensers is in the right range
  • The dispensers are made to high standard using precision injection moulding and ultrasonic sealing processes
  • The information that we give is based on years of experience and is given in good faith.

MSDS PHEROKLIP CM (release 4.2018).pdf

PheroKlip CM label.pdf