Apply Pheroklip® dispensers high in the tree using a pole applicator.


Because Pheroklip® CM competes with female moths calling to males — and female moths call from high in the tree. 75% of the dispensers should go high.

What is the advantage of pole applicators over motorized cherry pickers? 

Faster, cheaper to operate, no capital equipment needed, and less skilled labour required.

How to make a pole applicator

  • Once you have found the right pole, it takes about 5 minutes.
  • Find a piece of PVC electrical conduit or water pipe about 2.5m long and 16 to 20mm ID.
  • Cut a slot in each side about 15 to 20 mm deep with a hacksaw blade. Remove rough bits and make sure the Pheroklip® slides in and out easily.

That is it!

If you want a fancier model, cut a V shape at the top of each cut so the Pheroklip® dispenser slots in faster.

This is a V head for a Pheroklip® pole applicator made from a soft bit of plastic pipe using a utility knife (e.g. Stanley knife). It can slide over the end of piece of dowel and works well. The V head is faster to use because it takes less time to load the Pheroklip®dispensers in use in the field. It takes all of 7 minutes to make.