Many strong flying moths cannot be controlled using pheromone mating disruption technologies—they are simply too mobile for this approach to be effective.

Moths with this kind of behaviour, particularly the females, have a strong drive to find sugar for energy and development of their ovaries prior to mating and laying eggs. QM attractant feeding stimulant takes advantage of the high mobility of these moths. 

QM attractant feeding stimulant targets adult stages of Helicoverpa and various Noctuid and other nectar feeding pests. It is the outcome of basic research done by the United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service initially targeting the US species Helicoverpa zea.  Australian research built on this base and the outcome is QM sprayable attractant bait.

Target pests

Adult stages of cotton bollworm Helicoverpa armigera, native budworm Helicoverpa punctigera, cucumber moth Diaphania indica, cluster caterpillar Spodoptera litura, common armyworm Mythimna convecta, northern armyworm Mythimna separata and many other nectar feeding moths and certain beetles.

Advantages of QM

  • adult female moths are controlled before they lay eggs on the crop.
  • Insecticide usage on broad acre crops can be reduced by 98-99% compared with cover sprays and by 100% where it is applied only to headlands.
  • Application is fast and easy
  • Spray coverage ceases to be an issue

Significance of taking out female moths

Female moths lay many eggs during their lifetime. Helicoverpa armigera can lay well over 1,500 eggs. Killing one female moth before it lays eggs can have a dramatic impact in the level of subsequent infestation by larvae.

How QM is used

QM is combined with a registered non repellent insecticide with stomach action at the label rate. The concentrate used neat or diluted 1:1 and is applied at 500 to 1000 ml per 100 metres of row. 

QM is applied as a coarse squirt in narrow strips at 50 to 100 metre spacings across broad acre crops and around headlands and grassy verges around smaller vegetable crops. Used in this way, it is possible to reduce the insecticide on broad acre crops by 98-99% compared with that required for a cover spray. 

Application of QM should be timed to catch the beginning of a wave of immigrant moths. Alternatively, it can be applied at a low rate at regular intervals with increased rates when a large wave of immigration occurs.

Below is a short video showing the application and effectiveness of our attract and kill products.


Smartgreen QM label 1

Smartgreen QM Label broad acre