sprayable attractant feeding stimulant

for Fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda adults – both male and female and other key moth pests

Fall Armyworm – A new pest threatening Australian sweet corn, maize, sorghum and vegetables 


  • Farmers add insecticide to QM FAW prior to application
  • Fast to apply with minimal labour  – Applied as a squirt like a water pistol
  • Treat 1-2% of the crop only or on crop boundaries and headlands
  • Insecticide required is reduced 98-99%  compared with a cover spray
  • Spray coverage is not an issue – moths fly to the spray deposit
  • Very cost effective compared with sprays targeting larvae
Applying QM FAW

How does it work?

  • Moths fly to QM FAW, feed avidly and are killed before they eggs 
  • As 98-99% of the crop has no insecticide, beneficial insects are largely unaffected
Spodoptera frugiperda female feeding on QM FAW

Also effective for 

  • Cotton bollworm – Helicoverpa armigera,
  • Native budworm – Helicoverpa punctiger
  • Cluster caterpillar – Spodoptera litura,
  • Common cutworm – Agrotis ipsilon,
  • Common Armyworm – Mythimna convecta
  • Bean pod borer – Maruca vitrata,
  • Melon worm – Diaphania indica 
  • and others

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